Learning and Living

“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, Your God reigns!”
Isaiah 52:7

Dear friends!

Wherever we are, we would like to be the messenger of peace mentioned in Isaiah 52:7. When inviting somebody for afternoon coffees or lunch, going for a walk, or just working together in the hangar, we can often share, why Jesus is the center of our lives.

Christoph has completed the first (General) of three state examinations for aircraft mechanic and is now in the next section (Airframe and Powerplant). The training is intense, it is demanding a lot, but he gives his best. Until the end, there is still a lot to learn, weld, rivet, etc. for him.

Nina and the kids are fine. We are very thankful that we were spared from severe diseases in this cold season. The boys do Tae Kwon Do, like to be in the children’s museum, in the library, can already speak English well and have found dear friends. They can be “wild” outdoors at least once a day, even at the current temperatures down to -20°C/-4°F. In homeschooling, they can discover God and the world in good books.

At the moment, it looks like God is opening the doors for a future mission in Guatemala. Until then, there are still many things to accomplish.

Our preparation and later work are only carried by donations and own resources. We are partnered with an Austrian missionary organisation “Hilfe die Ankommt/Help that Arrives”. This makes donations tax deductible(at the moment only in Austria, Germany and Switzerland). If you have it on your heart, we would be glad to receive your financial support to make our service possible.

Thank you for your support in prayer, financially or by encouraging words.

Your family Hochenburger

    • Elfriede Lehner on 3. February 2019 at 9:39


    Ihr Lieben,
    herzliche Grüße aus dem nicht so kalten Linz.
    Ich freue mich für euer gutes Vorbild. Viel Segen und wenig Hürden. Ihr macht das großartig. Respekt!
    Liebe Grüße Elfriede Lehner

    • Jech on 24. January 2019 at 21:35


    Hallo ihr Lieben

    Aber ich achte mein Leben nicht der Rede wert, wenn ich nur meinen Lauf vollende und das Amt ausrichte, das ich von dem Herrn Jesus empfangen habe, zu bezeugen das Evangelium von der Gnade Gottes.
    Apostelgeschichte 20:24

    Wir beten für Euch
    LG aus Perg

    • Jech on 24. January 2019 at 21:30


    Hallo ihr Lieben

    Seht die Vögel unter dem Himmel an: Sie säen nicht, sie ernten nicht, sie sammeln nicht in die Scheunen; und euer himmlischer Vater ernährt sie doch. Seid ihr denn nicht viel kostbarer als sie?
    Matthäus 6:26

    • Herbert Heinzel on 22. January 2019 at 18:06


    Gute Nachrichten. Die Ausbildung geht zügig voran und die Familie kommt offensichtlich gut zurecht. Nur weiter so!
    Beste Wünsche und Grüße
    Herbert Heinzel

    • Zeihsel Otto on 22. January 2019 at 9:41


    Hallo ihr Lieben, ihr seid, im Vergleich zu mir ein großes Vorbild. Danke dass ihr den Spuren Jesu folgt. Danke für den Bericht und Gottes Segen. Otto Zeihsel MFK Linz

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