About Us

We introduce ourselves

In the beginning of our journey together in 2011, we were able to spend a life changing period in Central America ( travel blog ). Since then, the desire to help people practically and through the transmission of the gospel, has burned in us. Those experiences and impressions gave us an idea of how big the need for help is.

Back home Christoph worked at Tauernhof , a torchbearer center in Styria (AT), but we always felt the call to help people in other parts of the world. So we listened and thought about how we could use our lives "more meaningfully". After much back and forth, the possibility of mission flying captured us. At first it seemed almost impossible to conquer this big mountain.

"While praying, do I pay more attention to the mountain to be moved or to God who can take it away?"
Oswald Chambers

In mid-August 2015, we decided to start a pilot training in Linz (AT) at AeronautX (PPL, IR, CPL, ATPL and SEP, MEP, JOC, MCC). It was not an easy way and there were always hard times, but Christoph was able to complete the training after about 16 months. During training, he was also able to collect bush flight experience in South Africa.

Since then we have been searching for the right organization to start our service. Unfortunately, things do not always go the way you plan or imagine. In the beginning, it was very frustrating, but in retrospect we can see that God's timetable is perfect and his plans and ways are the better ones. From our own experience, we can say that it is worth trusting.

Christoph has been working as an IT technician since then and has taken part on various training courses in a mission flight school in the Netherlands ( MATC ). Because the flight licenses are only valid for aircraft registered in Europe, he is not allowed to fly American ones. We will now acquire American licenses. As a result, apart from the exercise factor, there are also new opportunities with mission organizations.

From today's perspective, we will continue to trust and hopefully fulfill God's plans.

"The new life in Christ is not an ecstatic upward rush, but a going on with infinite, steady, insurmountable patience."
Oswald Chambers


Was previously active in the IT environment.

He has also worked as a paramedic, mountain guide, snowboard instructor and bookkeeper.


Completed her medical studies in 2010 and worked for about 2 years as a pediatric assistant at the Braunau Hospital (AT).

She has already gained valuable experience in several internships abroad.

Since 2013 she is a full time mom with our children at home.

Tobias, Elia, Aaron, Elise

Our biggest responsibility is our 4 wonderful children. Of course there are intense times but we are grateful for them every day.

"The life of parents is the book in which their children read."
Aurelius Augustinus