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About us

Family Hochenburger

Christoph, Nina, Tobias, Elia, Aaron und Elise

Together we have decided to use our lives for others. We want to support and reach people through personal relationships, practical help and by sharing the message and love of Jesus Christ.

Why Mission?

At the beginning of our journey we were able to spend an intensive period in Central America (travel blog). Through these experiences and impressions we got an idea of ​​how great the need for help in poorer parts of the world is. Since then, the desire to help people practically and through the the gospel has burned in us.

Initially, Christoph worked for the Torchbearers Christian Leisure and Bible School Center at Tauernhof in Styria (AT). But the desire to help people in poorer parts of the world has remained in our hearts. After a lot of back and forth, we decided to prepare for mission aviation. At first it seemed almost impossible to conquer this mountain.

“When praying, do I pay more attention to the mountain to be relocated or to God who can take it away?”
Oswald Chambers

Trusting in God, we decided to start a professional pilot training in Linz (AT) at AeronautX, which he successfully completed after 15 intensive months. During this time, he gained his first bush flying experience in South Africa.

In the meantime Christoph worked as an IT technician and attended various trainings in a mission flight school in Holland (MATC). As the need for US-licensed pilots is great, we decided to convert the European licenses and during our stay in the United States, an aircraft mechanic training (SMAT).

At the moment, besides the completion of the mechanic licenses, we are preparing for Central America. We hope and pray that the right doors open and we can reach many people through our service.

We will trust in him and continue with our plans and hopefully fulfill God’s plans.